Let’s have a cup of tea!


This story is a little different. Actually totally different. This story is kinda, neither I had met anyone, nor anyone met me! But the day, When I got to know the importance of that one cup of tea.

Here’s the pic😂! Sorry, I am not that good in photography.

That day when I was traveling to my hometown, feeling lazy with thousands of unwanted thoughts running in my mind. Just then, I murdered a mosquito and started thinking of what will his family do to me now. The door opens and the entry of a pantry worker.

Madam! Chae!! (tea), he said. And I accepted his offer. And that tea…Ah! won my heart ♥.
Haha!… yes! It happened. I was taking a sip by sip and thinking of rescuing myself from mosquito’s family.

And I lost in the dream.
Hey, let’s have a cup of tea! , Mosquito’s wife said.
Obviously, I accepted that too. Because I believe, whatever happens, will happen but first, enjoy the tea.
And suddenly the wife shakes her hand with me, hugged me tight and said, oh Girl!, you solved our such a big problem.
We were already planning for murdering my husband. His ‘zzz'(voice) was so absurd. And you just solved everything in a minute, the wife said.
And then the wife and her gang started clapping for the victory. YAY!! woohoo. The gang cheered.😜(Can you imagine the gang clapping? Yes exactly, all type of ‘zzz’ mixed together.)

Btw, Everything around us has its own importance, and yes the cup of tea is one of them.
People start their day with a cup of tea.
Some drink in the morning and some at evening. Some are addicted too. And some say, tea whole day? is not their cup of tea!
TEA!! Such a thing which makes you up, fresh, energetic. Whether it’s a green tea or white tea, caffeinated or herbal,  or without sugar..!  😂

So here’s all about the importance of tea.  CHEERS!!
“Let’s have a cup of tea”. These words can solve the problems and can make relations much stronger. It can solve a lot of problems as I did. To share the time with someone special is the best thing you can give, tea. Ask them to have a cup of tea with you.

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