Life in a concrete jungle

The jungle is what called a natural. The jungle is what called a squad of everything that naturally exists today. A jungle is what called the combination of sunshine, clear moonlights and a pool of oxygen. People were more comfortable in jungles, where life in the concrete jungle is life the same as hell. People are so busy using technologies or whatever, that they forgot about rays of sunshine and moonlights. They forgot that even air exists or not. In this era of technology, people are so engaged with their silly works, that they even forgot about their own needs. Our needs are natural, which may be provided by nature only. Nature so-called pool of oxygen no more exists in concrete jungles. Voices of those little birds which make our mornings even better are lost somewhere. The food which we usually eat is not that pure. Even water needs money nowadays. Why? Why this change is not a big change for us. Ever thought about those trees, full of shadows, ever thought about those garden full of flowers, children used to play those outdoor games, a crowd of four people gossiping, communicating, exchanging their thoughts. But today this concrete jungle just lead us to the road. This modern world on one side make us feel so comfortable with technologies and on the other hand, it makes us lazy as much as possible. This concrete jungle, huge cities, are the roots of those wealthy unhealthy people. People suffer from depressions, the heart fails, children don’t even know what are outdoor games. Traffic is just another more problem for those blinds and old. Everyone is busy in this race of success, in spite of responsible for non-healthy lives. At last, we can just hope for the good. Thank you!

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