In LOVE With?


I remember I read these lines somewhere on the internet, just to share, have a look:

“Unse Mohabbat Kamaal Ki Hoti Hai,

Jinka Milna Muqaddar Mein hi Nhi Hota.”


People tend to fall in love with people. But I don’t.

I fall in love with a thing who can’t speak.

People tend to fall in love with beauty. But I don’t.

And, I fall in love with a thing who itself is a beauty.

It’s a part of me. A part which is always on my side.

People get loved with wrong ones, but that thing is more than a person, who will never show it’s the wrong side, I bet.

To that one special:

Dear love. you are my inspiration, you are my emotion.

I can travel in you, I can feel in you, I can cry with you.

You are half a part of my heart, half of my brain.

I can dance, I can sing, I can listen to you.

You are just my first love, you are always close, always helping.

Not anyone can easily understand you, but you clever, you just caught me in your trap.

You are always inside me. Hope I can find such love in humans.

I feel like I am alone, but I enjoy that loneliness with you only.

I always try to find my character, my type, in you. And you will always show me right or wrong.

Yes, now I am in love with you my book. I just want to lose in your biblichor (means a smell of a book, word inspired by petrichor).

I just want to enjoy that small date in the corner of my room with a cup of tea.

So let me lost in you, my dear book!


Note: Though this poem was just an imagination and that Shayari was written in context with some person.

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