Do you really communicate?

“Communication- the human connection.”

Do you communicate, really? Answer it very carefully.

Yes…or maybe not. Actually, we all are lying and it’s bad.


Which means to hear what is not being said. To talk in every situation, uncomfortable or uneasy.

To share your stories, emotions and time. To listen. A connection.

But we don’t and we pretend like we are communicating.We make it fake.

To read each other’s face, to inspect the actions, same as we do with animals and birds, isn’t it?

The best thing, to heal, to make you refreshed and out of distress.

But no. We make it fake. We made the word “communicate” meaningless.

No more communications left, no more shadows left, no evenings, no terraces. I just hate it.

Stop it please, if you can. Just communicate, talk, either with your friends, family or lovers. Don’t be feelingless, share your emotions, emanate it.

Not on phone but in reality.  You will definitely love that more. That time.THE PRECIOUS THING, will never be considered as waste.






The trend.

As the new years go and goes, new trends are trying to change us.

It’s not a matter of choices, its a matter of an impact on people.

An impact, that only coming through social media only.

When there were no phones how happy we were then, no one doubts their physiques.

But here what trend gave birth to…

Girls and boys force their bodies to like what are they not.

They sometimes force their loved ones to look like some other girl with thick thighs and big chests(But no fat at the belly. Oh, great! and yes, fluffy lips too) or a boy with muscles and abs(but not a slim boy).

Force their loved ones to look fake.Features that are not given by your mother.

You not need to change anything for your loved one because lovers accept the real you, if they force you, leave them.

Comparing yourself with those high-class people and their highlighted pics will never make you happy, ignore them.

Just don’t change your body or whatever for the sake of attraction unless it’s your choice. Remember, if you accept your natural looks and walks, you attract more.

Just accept your body you receive from your mother. Respect it

The diary.



If I ever said, you’re my best friend, I lied.

If I ever said you’re the only one to whom I share everything, I am telling you, don’t trust.

Because I already have a best friend resting at the book shell.

whenever we got time, we just talk, talk and talk. well..!

or either way, I am the one non-stopper.

She knows everything, the hero, and the flopper

If you are a silent talker, you can relate,

how to be a silent actor.

Talking to her about telling everything without getting answers.

This gets interesting over time, how lucky the pages are, who listens to all in the world, without racism, without making choices.

They protect your thoughts from the outer world, eating secrets, destroying unwanted noises.

If I say, there is no best friend better than a diary, believe me, just try.

Instead of sharing with your so-called “best friends”, it’s better to hide it from them, they make it dry.

I thought once that I am wrong, lets try to talk,

but see, I am back to my original silent talk.



You are beautiful 

This is to all girls.

Girls who have braces on their teeth.

Girls who are fatter in their teens.

Girls who are dark in color.

Girls who had never asked for a date.

Girls who are always late.

Girls who eat pizzas and burgers without worrying.

Girls who don’t have attractive figures.

Girls who the boys think not suited for them.

Girls who don’t have pretty faces, but a sweetheart.

Girls who don’t know what to wear, actually this is their way.

Believe me. You are beautiful.

The girls like you and me.

Life is a pleasure


Just look outside to that mysterious world,

some fight for the trees, some fight for rats.

But, you lucky!! getting fat.

When someone desires for the milk and the roasted fish,

you got that before you make the wish.

Every breath you take if without a mask, you are lucky.

People learn to earn at the age of five,

some reach countries, with some nice shoe and shine.

Ups and downs are just twists of life, become a strength for some wrecked or lost,

who is just tired of life.

                                   Be brave to compete, be aware of your actions.

Your actions can turn into someone’s power, you just don’t have the idea.


Be yourself

“Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai
Ho Sake To Iss Mein Zindagi Bitaado
Pal Jo Yeh Jaanewala Hai”- Kishore Kumar

Untitled design.jpg

We all have our own kind of problems. We all have to deal with them alone.

Isn’t it better, to forget them for a while and to be yourself? No!

To be yourself: eat, cry, smile, fat and ugly,

allowing yourself to do things childishly.

Sometimes enjoying your silence, as if you are the most peaceful, take a glance,

allowing yourself to dance as if there are hampsters in your pants.

Sometimes angry as if someone stolen your food,

happy as if someone offers you a box full of chocolates and goods.

Talk to yourself, polite and gentle, praise yourself and be sexy,

and definitely, you will never get there if it isn’t risky.

At present, just live the freedom because there are already many who don’t have.

Past and future, everything, happens for good and will be awesome,

just live the present as if you got the last chance to live, you blossom.

Stop thinking about those empty heads and the hashtags,

allow yourself to be crazy and have a long bath with a washrag.

Let the statuses blown your real life. Let the hashtags feel the same way.

Don’t rush, be original. Just stay calm and slay.








I tried I tried I tried….

I tried my best, not to be imperfect, but the perfect you want.

not to be the same, but the different you want.

I tried to be that alluring as that of other ones.

I tried…

But, well! you will find the better one.

I tried to be your happiness, I tried to be your sadness, I tried to be the tough mess for you.

I tried to be your back, I tried to be your front, everything I can be in you.

I cried…

I cried for not being accepted as crazy I am, as weird I am, the dumb I am.

I endure you as the way you are, I never complaint,

but you never understand.

Well! you will find the better one.

It seems to be at home when I am with you. I learned something new every day with you.

All I know is you are my need, the soul needs a food and you are that feed.

Now, it’s just all fade away…

and definitely,

you will find the better one.

Now don’t pretend as if you cared, there’s nothing left to be shared.

Don’t pretend as if I were valued, don’t dare.

Don’t dare to be that damn fake, you shamed?

I swear I will not put that effort again because you taught me how easily feelings can be terminate.

I am sorry for not being the same.

Thanks for the lesson, how to authorize, now I can become the best adviser in the trade.

You always used to say, “I will find the better one.”

And I want to ask “so, do you got your better one?”








I read these lines somewhere, and I got so attached to it as if there is something to say.

And a little try, what it actually wants to say:-

People around this world is just a lie,

everything is temporary, everything is a lie.

And in this liar world, we never got the one who listens to us what we haven’t said.

This cruel world is busy making you a “lie”.

We are surrounded by the crowd,

Some quiet and some loud.

Some failed and some proud.

We have a lot, a lot to say, but we never.


we want to be heard, the way we think,

not just words, but actions we did.

But the crowd let us flow according to them.

We want to be listened, exactly what we say,

not to pretend but actually to say.

But the crowd pretend as if we are insane.

We want to be accepted without a judgment,

not by clothes, not by looks, not even a flaunt.

But this crowd just listen to pretty faces.

Let the crowd mind their own business,

This attitude makes us “bheed se alag”.

Just do whatever your heart says (apne mann ki kro !!)

Because everything is a lie, and it should not affect you in anyhow.

Just do what you actually want to do, except suicide.

Let your actions make you “bheed se alag”.

Let the crowd follow your rules.




Life in a concrete jungle


The jungle is what called a nature. The jungle is what called a squad of everything that naturally exists today. The jungle is what called the combination of sunshine, clear moonlights and a pool of oxygen. People were more comfortable in jungles, where life in the concrete jungle is life same as hell. People are so busy using technologies or whatever, that they forgot about rays of sunshine and moonlights.they forgot that even air exists or not. In this era of technology, people are so engaged with their silly works, they even forgot about their own needs. Those needs which are natural, which may be provided by nature only. Nature so-called pool of oxygen no more exists in concrete jungles. Voices of those little birds which make our mornings even better are lost somewhere. The food which we usually eat is not that pure. Even water nowadays worth money. Why? why this change being a big change for us. Ever thought about those trees, full of shadows, ever thought about those garden full of flowers, children playing those outdoor games, people were laughing, communicating, exchanging their thoughts. But today this concrete jungle just lead us to the road. This modern world on one side make us feel so comfortable with technologies and on the other hand, it makes us lazy as much as possible. This concrete jungle, huge cities, are the roots of those wealthy unhealthy people. People suffer from depressions, the heart fails, children don’t have opportunities to play outside. Traffic is just an another problem for those blinds and old. Everyone is just busy in this race of success in spite of responsible for healthy lives. Now it’s just what we say at last leads to some big explosion.Hope for the good.Thankyou!