Anxiety attack grounding technique

First of all, the power to all those who are fighting strong with their problems, illness, any type of loss, it takes courage to still keep going. Pandemic has got every into stress, anxiety, illness, and what more. People who never faced severe mental illness are now facing it too. It’s even worse, this period is suffocating for everyone and there’s no sign of vaccine yet. It’s like governments are busy planning their own thing. The poor are getting poor and the rich are getting richer. But we as people, what can we do for other people, what we bring to their table to help them, even a little. I have been reading a lot about anxiety issues, more about anxiety attacks. Everybody faces some kind of anxiety in their lives, and we should always read more, interact more with people, and talk about how to work on your anxiety.

Here, we will talk about anxiety attacks:

What are anxiety attacks?

It is a triggering effect that can be caused by some stressful thoughts and experiences, faster heartbeat, or sometimes people feel like they’re going to pass out soon. It looks like you’re losing control or going crazy. But hey my friend, it will not cause you to die. But yes, it is a serious condition, and do not ignore it, it needs to be treated. sometimes we get anxiety attacks for no reason, but that’s okay, you need to ask for help.

should I be scared of it?

No. Sometimes we blame ourselves for doing this us, it is our fault that we are sad, weak, worthless, hate responses, etc. But know it, it is our body that alerts us for so many reasons and sometimes for no reason, and sometimes we cannot control the thoughts that are coming. It is, most of the times, occur from past experiences, similar experiences, family, people, work, culture, it can be anything. So, it is not you, it is your mind trying to take control of your body, it is more like guesses, not facts. Therefore, let it be, do not run form it, accept what you’re feeling at the moment, your body needs love and care, be gentle.

what can we do to calm down ourselves during anxiety attacks?

Why I said that we shouldn’t be scared of it because we’ve got solutions to the problem. You can always help somebody with anxiety treating with care and by providing what they need. Even if is you, you can change your bad times to good times. there are some techniques which people usually do calm their selves down for the time being in the situation, otherwise the proper checkup from a psychiatrist or a specialist.

Here’s a technique which can help you in that moment of attack and will calm you down in just a few minutes: instead of saying that you should not overthink, stop it, it happens with everyone, should not think negative, or think positive, I would like to tell you a technique that would help convert your level of thoughts to a calmer and little chill mode.

As I said, you can not just convert your thoughts if an anxiety attack is an issue with you, you have to give some time to your body to let it be, in that period examine your thoughts, what are you thinking, why is it happening, is it good for you and in some time when you are on your way to calming down do this ‘54321’ coping technique for anxiety.

In this techniques you’ve to do:
5 – five things that you can see, it can be anything, a pen, a cup, etc.
4 – four things that you can touch (anything)
3 – three things that you can hear (anything, a grumbling tummy can be)
2 – two things you can smell (walk to that thing maybe, a small pen, a fart if… in that moment, etc)
1 – one thing that you can taste.

Believe me, this works. this will allow you to get out of that cage that your mind puts you in. It is necessary to do it because ignoring it will only fill you with pain, unsatisfied. Do it whenever you’re having an anxiety attack, and get a release of emotion in seconds.


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