GOOOOOOD MORRNIIGGGGGG TEACHERRRRRRR. Remember, how we used to stand up and sing this long wish song for the teacher. And the teacher used to hear like okay how long will it take to these students to sit down, we were busy singing. We used to wait for this day to be a teacher. This day seniors were used to become teachers. And we turn up to the college where sometimes students don’t even stand up, what brings this kind of change?

This period, actually this year is much difficult for teachers to teach digitally. And the most disturbing thing is that students are taking their less familiarity with digital things for granted. It is disgusting to make fun of your teacher during such problems. Students are ahead of their age therefore they can help their teacher probably in everything digital. today is a teacher’s day so we will talk about teachers only.


there is nothing bad in teaching or helping your teacher with technical things and digital knowledge. If you’re facing problems with your teacher and you know the fault, please tell your teacher or maybe help him her solve it. If you’re not feeling like studying, please don’t abuse your teacher about it. Records and videos showed that students by hiding their identity.

what can we do to help our teachers?
  • we can be in a good teach-student relationship just by helping
  • we can be less abusive about their lack of knowledge digitally.
  • we can take a day off, if not feeling like studying instead of abusive behavior just for the sake of making fun of your teacher.
  • we can be kind to our teacher, because the teacher is kind to you, regardless of everything you’re doing if your teacher is telling you to stop it, stop.
  • Be attentive to what he/she is trying to say on the subject.
  • it does not mean that if the teacher is no expert in digital knowledge therefore for the subject too.
  • tell them the right tricks and buttons and control for a quick solution to save everybody’s time
  • just be kind and help each other.

If you’re a parent or a teacher reading this, you can share this with your students. I hope this can be a help for all the teachers struggling with online methods and students. happy teacher’s day to you all.


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