To all the lovelies I have lost

Since the pandemic, everything seems so dull, hopeless, and negative. People struggling all over the world and how people are craving for just a little happiness, which now became a part of our daily lives. From the term from work to home, we changed to work from home and a new norm seems easy but not-so-easy, from room to room, or maybe no room. Still, we all trying to cope up with the situation and following things which can bring us happiness. We should be proud of our little courageous selves.While all this pandemic thing I lost my three lovely birds in the span of seven months. It was heartbreaking, as I’ve always dreamt of having birds and dogs and cats like an in-house zoo. Before them I lost my cat, I used to have one cat who gave birth to two kittens and she left, nobody knows where.
Then one of them was killed into the fight. Until we helped him he already died. and we bury him in our house garden. And the other one lives with us. she watched that fight too and on that day she was stunned, quiet, was not eating anything. And another year she was with us and then suddenly she left…

It was the first time I experienced so many things with cats. Cats are such bad luck for Indian people, but I don’t think they’re bad luck they’re just so cute. And after my experience with such cute little paws always ready for a slap, I fell in love even more with cats.Few months we try to find her, but no results and then a few months remembering her and all the things about her and all the other street cats and dogs I used to serve. Then came four parakeets/lovebirds in our home. It was all good, I researched a lot about their behavior and everything they need, and suddenly we found one of them died in just one month, she was the youngest in the group, it was so disheartening to that little munchkin dead. It was in the month of March. When you start living with birds or animals you understand everything they do, say and want, like a family. we cried so much after her loss. This was my first experience with a dead little pet bird. She had a pink head.and then after the loss one of the bird got depressed as per the doctor because his friends left him alone and do their own thing, but sometimes when they tried to interact with him, he was kind of protective of herself. He was the head of the flock and everybody used to listen to him in the house. But slowly he got so depressed that he used to forget to clean and eat and drink even. the medicines that were prescribed by the doctor were all liquids, but unfortunately as per his time, he left us too. He died in July. And, at last, we left with two parakeets, all by themselves, doing their thing and moving on. one day the yellow one flew away. She was tamed, all of was tamed, but in the excitement of flying, she lost her way back to home. It was the worst day of our lockdown period. she was the best friend of a blue one. she was the best in keeping everyone happy and busy, she was so loving and caring for other parakeets. At this point, we all were so broken, unable to do anything, sitting their wishing best for her in this cruel the blue needs a friend and here it is, with the other two finches. Finches, I’ve never seen any of them like out in the world, like where I live. They’re so tiny and just so beautiful. And now we have four birds two parakeets and two finches.

I am trying to tame finches, whereas parakeets are fast learners, one of the finches is a fast learner and the other is confused. 

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