When can we travel again?

Travel- The word itself gives cheap thrills to us.Ah! those were the times when we used to think that ‘I want to travel the world’ and suddenly the virus came and make all our dreams seem not as same as we used to feel and believe in them. It makes our world limited to just our homes, streets, and neighborhoods. It is all good, the virus is irritating and teaching us a lot about the world, it’s all good.But, when can we travel again? It seems the quest for traveling will never gonna end.Of course, we are trying to keep everything sorted, grateful the technology – a virtual friend and entertainer keeping us sane most of the time, but it is now becoming more frustrating to be on screens all the time. Every day, there is news about flights to ready to fly again, but nothing the same as before. There are some places which are still on leave and may not allow people to enter the place for a long time.And some places which are allowing people with some strict rules, which again is not normal.Travel is all good when there are people, a lot of people, diverse people, meeting people, eating with people, roaming around people.Will this be the forever be in the list! Will we be all just hoping to travel forever? Is this ever gonna happen in our lives?When can we travel again! Oh God, please.

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