Heart speaks to Heart.

From the word HEART, the first thing we think is LOVE.

We often hear people complaining or not satisfied with their present or past love stories.

People are underestimating the power of love. Actually, when people see each other or the people whose love life is already working good, and expects theirs to be exactly the same.

But, before loving someone, you need to understand yourself and you need to love yourself fully.

There can be chances of not getting better Love because you never asked yourself what do you want. There is something left in you that you’ve not treated and is incomplete.

After treating yourself right, you’ll definitely see the magic when the universe will return you what you’ve asked for, with clear and good intentions.

It is clear that Love has no language, it is the feeling we all want to feel, but it is different for every different thing. And a person feels different.

That’s where the heart speaks to the heart.

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