Welcoming 2020

2019: Expected it to be the best year of my life, turns out to be the worst year of my life. We all had some kind of promises to ourselves (we say it resolutions)and for the better self, some of us succeeded and some not. But above all, I have learned allot this year,about me, about choices, about people. I’ve lost friendships, faced failures and accepted my vulnerability. I’ve had hated myself so much that it somehow turned out so so stressful, it was like ..dark. I can never ever see myself into it. We all have faced some unexpected things this year. But all we know is that we are strong enough to handle those things. We are vulnerable and that’s okay. We are now demanding for more growth and lessons. 2020: All we can hope for the 2020 comes out to be more powerful and full of happiness to us. Also this is me throughout 2019 standing strong and smiling.😁

Send this your favorite persons if you can relate any thing in this.♥️

Happy New year to you all♥️

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