Limited seats! Register now! IMUN2020

I am Arshdeep from India. I will use my voice in support of the International Model United Nations. At IMUN Online Conference, I am ready to share inspiring ideas and transform the world. I pledge to use my empathetic skills to transcend boundaries and establish peace. At IMUN, my voice matters!

As the world copes with the economic fallout of a pandemic, loss of jobs and consequent recession have become more and more apparent 😢 Indonesia, South-east Asia’s largest economy has shrunk for the first time since 1999, by 5.32% (April – June 2020). Countries like Thailand and Malaysia that depend heavily on tourism are seeing a downturn as are economies like Singapore that depend heavily on imports and exports🔥
Join us in the International Model UN conference for a stimulating discussion on economic downfall due to COVID and topics on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) like gender equality, health, justice, and sustainable living. Register now for just 9 USD. Limited seats Only!🤩

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