This Is All We Need To Do

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. For almost all of us, this year has been a series of ups and downs, emotional breakdowns, and happiness, probably the rollercoaster ride of emotions. I am so grateful for the things I have and obviously if you’re able to read this, that you come in the above rich line area. We are grateful for something in our lives.

But to be honest, it was going okay before this lockdown period but it was even worse during the lockdown period. Somethings worked, some didn’t. Whether it’s from a job perspective or life perspective, it looks the same. I spent most of the time thinking, ye pandemic kb khatam Hoga, Mujhe ghumne Jana he, me soney ja rhi hu and repeat. This is now the everyday story of everyone reading this I am sure.

a happy girl
source: Unsplash


Sometimes it looks like everything’s over, sometimes there’s a new ray of hope. Most of the time it’s thinking and the rest of the time charged up. Okay, It sounds weird, or maybe it’s a reality nowadays. Before all this time we were happy-but-not-happy even with all the things we are allowed to do. And now when we are living a minimalistic life, which is actually good we all are almost lost, unhappy, and hopeless.

But their’s one thing which is the truth of life, that is happiness. During all this time, in between all the mess, the only thing that keeps us alive is happiness. But we often forget to live in happiness. It becomes so difficult to find one in our busy monotonous lives. And till the time when we realize that it’s all about happiness in this world, it’s too late.

Pandemic taught us to be at least grateful for everything in our lives which we never were. Living a minimalistic life with happiness is a rich life- that’s the moral of the story. Just do little things in your day which keeps you happy, because, in the end, it’s all about the days but years or months. If you’re blessed with a new day, do something which keeps you happy and because uncertainty is such a killer. Therefore in time figuring out what’s next in the story, the uncertain cycle of life,  discovering yourself should be the first and a last thing about the journey. Discover yourself.

What’s your journey was like in this pandemic?

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