It was the second
day at college,
I saw a boy coming
in the corridor,
with a book in his hands,
seems to have some knowledge!
He stared for some seconds,
Gave a strange (normally, I don’t get to see) soft blink with eyes.

Ah! That blink, how can I forget!

source: unsplash

But then,
days passed, I forgot he exists.
One day,
I was sitting on a chair with friends
We were talking and talking,
suddenly she (my friend) pushed my chair,
I got unbalanced,
I was just adjusting my chair
and there he was
in front of my eyes.
He hugged his friends
while having eyes on me
and, again he gave that soft blink,
this time with a slight smile,
oh God! It’s gonna kill me.
(Oh!of course not, it was not a coincidence, he did it for some purpose I knew it, or was he a player!)
He was wearing a maroon shirt
and brown cargo pants,
hair tied in a ponytail.
While I was noticing him,
he was busy talking,
grooming his hair
and he tilts his head,
he started again but this time it was normal.
But why?

Two years passed,
I didn’t saw him.
Seeing him was like ‘eid ka Chand’.
Now, it was the third year,
I was upstairs with my friend,
talking to her
while walking in the corridor.
He came out of class,
which I didn’t know he was in.
We both stopped at the corner
and he gave that blink again (oh!I loved that)
which we both watched.
Then with some luck,
first ever in heaven’s time,
he was approaching us,
we felt excited,
we felt awkward,
I managed to prepare myself for the grand premiere
a friend of his came
and took him downstairs.

And the riddle of those eyes remained unsolved.
In all that daily routine,
Every time I saw him,
I got something to talk to.
Thanks to that boy (actually handsome)
for making those 6-8 appearances in these three years, some special.

Have you ever experienced the situation somewhat similar to this? tell us in the comment section!

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