How to work on your anxiety?

2020 has been the worst year of our lives, and the fact is, we have to accept and live with it. We can’t run from it, we are left with an option of just keep going with it. But this is the negative side of the story, and we never usually notice how good we are at continuing the watching, reading, collecting, inhaling the bad everywhere. We are so busy talking bad that we forget that this life is deserved to be lived happily. This life is just a moment. And slowly how those little uncomfortable things become our problems, we never knew.

So here are the tips to work on your anxiety, slowly you’ll be able to see the changes. Its time to give some anxiety to anxiety itself:

  • Tell yourself to relax

The first-ever step to win over the anxiety issues is to win over your mind and to win over your mind you have to feed your mind with all the love and care and teach him how to relax. Whenever you try to overthink everything, instantly tell your mind to relax.

  • Divide your thoughts

Anxiety, usually, is a reaction to the past trauma, what had happened in your past life and sometimes it can occur because of phobias and usual thoughts. Therefore the only thing that can make you relax at times is to try to divide your thoughts. Ask yourself, from where these thoughts are coming. Why are you thinking of those thoughts? What good will it bring to your life? Sort out your thoughts, ask yourself questions, if not maybe write it down, investigate, and try to find where is the crux of those thoughts. It can be helpful if you tell yourself that it’s okay if you’re not feeling good, also at the same time try to let go of those thoughts.

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  • Eat and sleep well

Lack of nutrients and vitamins can lack into your emotional and bodily growth. Food helps you create energy in yo body, depends what type of food you eat. Eat health, sleep well, and you’re halfway to kill your anxiety. Calcium and vitamin D are essential parts to keep our bodies energetic and keep going.

  • Talk to somebody, ask for help

Talk to somebody if any of the things are not helping you out. You deserve to be free, ask your friends for a talk, they can listen. Tell them just to listen and at the end tell the solution if have any. Tell them what’s happening in your life. If there’s no friend then there always a friend called a therapist. And if you don’t want to go, therapists, then tell me about your story, at minimum We can listen to each other, sometimes we feel okay just by releasing it out.

If you have severe anxiety issues, therapists are good to start with. Do not be afraid to ask for help.



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