How to deal with more than one passion?

It is very common among us that we either follow the path of school, college and job or otherwise to do all the things that you think you can do and are good at to pursue them for the rest of your life. Therefore it is upon you what you really choose among them. And then some people have an interest in everything, or maybe more than one thing. How to deal with that situation when you know what you like but not sure what is it that you want!

Talking to some people and I got to know how common and stressful it is sometimes and how everyone was somewhere in their lives had faced it. It really is a ‘try and error’. But the problem is some people get it soon and some don’t. Also, everything matters in your life like family, career, money but above all, there is the most important thing that is happiness.

When you know that you have these number of things that you like, that kind of brings happiness every time yo do them, but what is that one thing that makes you happy in your worst is tough to search for.

So, If you choose to pursue one of our passions, first of all, listen to your heart and trust it, no matter what age, what time, what state of mind, at least try it. Do not give a double thought to it without trying. If it works, it will definitely gonna work if in future you promise yourself to learn and apply what is needed, and if not, try the next thing. But give yourself an infinite number of tries, because on this earth people really needed is happiness.

Some people are already in some kind of profession and realized it later that there is something which they love, love to the extent that they can do it every day or most of the time in a day. Really doing things you have ever wanted to do, and then there’s nothing more than your happiness first, definitely going to bring change in everything around you. Because when a person is happy, the surroundings change. And maybe if you work hard enough to earn from it another success in your life. Of course, you can’t just your older profession suddenly but you can always experiment rather than wishing.

Therefore you can always need to decide if you want to try. Then start trying and see if things working, if working then go for it, find ways to improve, learn, and apply. And if things are not working, no worry at all, you can still find ways to see if it’s worthy of your effort or not and maybe you’ll become a mentor to other who are on the same path that didn’t work out, who knows if mentoring become the next thing you will fall in love with. Also, you can always follow the IKIGAI rule, to find what is it that you really want and pursue. Please do not lose hope, let your dreams live, give them space, try them out, let others try them out, dd not the failures personally, the mind will always teach you wrong most of the time, the heart will lead you to follow your intuition.


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