Waiting for the pieces of evidence

How is it that we know what are we made of, still we need pieces of evidence to prove that, prove that to whom? To us!But why? Why is it? We know that we have feelings, emotions going up and down just like an ocean full of waves and we know that we need to let go of every wave, feeling and emotions at some point of time, still, we are waiting for the disasters to prove that we need to let go, but again on time to let go, we have had enough that we never consider ‘let go’ as a priority.
Like holding the gone wave and coming wave while on the wave. Not possible! But we make it possible, why!
We know that we are the universe full of magic inside us, we can invent, think, and do wild. The wildest things we never ever dreamt of… Still, we are waiting for the minds to just blow off.
Why! Why is it?


When a person becomes history

Goodbye perfectionism!

You’re alone on this journey

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