When a person becomes history

1. Go to the person who just listen carefully, and there for you. And if there’s no one, just write it and throw it away.

2.Me to myself: There are no problems at all, just solutions.

YOU CAN SAY THIS TO YOURSELF TO SHIFT YOUR MIND TO HOPE SIDE FROM NO-HOPE SIDE. Do not curse yourself of thinking unusual things, but be aware of the thought process and from where they are coming from.

Whenever I feel terrible about anything and everything, it gives me hope to keep the chin up and move ahead. .
We can all be therapists to each other. By just listening and telling them it’s okay if you feel this and that you’re there for them.


Waiting for the pieces of evidence

Goodbye perfectionism!

You’re alone on this journey

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3 thoughts on “When a person becomes history

  1. That’s how our system works; Appreciation, love and acknowledgement should come in someone’s lifetime not in their absence from the world.

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