We want change – Armaan Singh (part-2 Gender equality)

“Individual suffering, collective healing”. Checkout part 1
I couldn’t agree more with Armaan when he said, people in in Punjab either know man or a women and if somebody’s try to explain them, they put them into “hijda” community. Why? Why is it !
And he said, it is a belief in Punjab that only parents can teach, but how much a child can teach, they don’t listen to them. And then comes the religion, which is so mixed with how a person should behave. They say God is genderless and God is everywhere then how come we put the creation of God into some particular gender. It is all about souls, our inner process, how we connect to ourselves and how much we know of the God which resides inside us. Alot of differences that Armaan feel for the people who are living there now are for ex: no dating, no talk about sex ed, generation gap, nobody is talking about things that actually matter in society. He got to know about right words for identity when he was in first year of his college. All he wanted to say was that this is a big example of how much we are lagging. When asked what advice he would like to give to the parents especially, he said, parents should allow their kid just as they want to be. Listen to them,to their struggles, practice listening than hearing. Because the child suffer more in their puberty age, coz that’s the period when a person gets close to himself. And this is so good to hear Armaan that you learn from people and their stories, me too kinda same. Hi-fi🙋.

Are you people?🙋

Let’s discuss the most demanding topic of all years, gender equality. You can also join the community.

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