Beliefs you need to unlearn now

We need to unlearn things. Unlearn the limiting beliefs of ourselves. Unlearn that we are not capable of doing things we think of. Unlearn every societal belief and pressure we are living under. Unlearn everything that no longer helps in our growth.

But till this time, when we are busy trying to push ourselves to do things, with all are limited beliefs, unaware of the term “unlearn”, makes it more difficult to even reach 1% of your higher self. We know what to do, but we don’t know how to do it!

Before going any further in detail, let me tell you if you’re reading this and after this, if you try to unlearn things, your brain will blame you for doing this because from decades you’ve been training your mind to just think the shorter image of yourself, But Believe it or not, this is another way in the list of ways to think of your higher self.

You’re doing absolutely good for yourself, keep going. Because sometimes it all needs unlearning.

Now here are the most common beliefs we all have to leave or unlearn:

  • I am not enough, I can’t do things!

At times, when we are on the edge of losing our hopes and believe in ourselves, we end up having this false belief, often seems true because we are not getting what we want. But we never see, that if we already dare to face it until now, then we also have the courage to give it one more try. You might fail again, but what, try again and again.

But doing things with your mind saying to you, again and again, you can’t do it, then you can’t, you can never be. The mind is the best friend, what you’ll feed it will make sure you get that. So feed it with confidence, belief, and say again and again to yourself “I am enough, I am capable of doing anything I can think of”.

  • We have to have a successful career

It is true to some people but there’s a secret in it too. You’ll only be successful in your career if you’re winning on your life every day. Now, from every day it means you have to work on your every field, whether it’s your health, daily routine, mindset, happiness, etc. Success in a career you dream about is connected to every other thing in your life.

But it does not mean at all if you don’t have a job you’re losing. Turning your thought from ‘not having it right at this moment to It will come to me on time’ is the way to lead you to your deserving path. Everybody is successful in some area of their lives and you’ll be too.

  • Thinking of the circumstances based on your decisions

This is what everybody just does naturally and easily, but we can’t control what will happen. But we can always control what better decisions we can make and just ready to face what next. And when we just sit and think of circumstances, which might not even exist in the future, it leads us to not even take action on our decision anyway and because of not achieving your short term goal we start to think it’s not the right decision. We have to unlearn “to not think how”.

If you know what you want to do then Follow your ‘what’ and it will automatically lead to ‘how’. Do not limit yourself to what other people will think and are doing. It is called self-criticizing yourself for not doing the same. You’re unique and you’ve unique abilities. Do it now, what you’re planning for years.

  • You’ve to be happy all the time

It is good to be happy all the time only if you can do it all the time! But can you do it all the time? Robots nowadays can’t do this, they too have emotions. Then how can we limit ourselves to stay happy all the time? The best thing the humankind has ever received is the ’emotions’.Just Flow. Be you.

We can show emotions and we are absolutely fine while showing our other emotions, can be sad, can be sensitive, just accept the moment, take your time to figure it out, and do the next thing.

  • Follow every advice we are given

We have been told that advice is good for our selves. The advice can be good at some moments of life, but it sure does not gonna work if our heart and mind are not ready to accept it and be happy with that. Sometimes we get just so influenced by other people’s success and money and health that their advice almost seems good to us to follow. But remember it’s your life, and your life is not similar to theirs, everybody’s life is different.

Therefore, following the advice and learning from the person on the path as of you, can be helpful. And in the end, it’s always ‘your choice’ to follow it or not. Listen to what other people have to say, but do what your mind and heart and your intuition would say.

  • Failure is not acceptable

How can you fail at something? How can you don’t know what to do? We usually ask ourselves these questions, before anybody asks us.

These types of thinking and beliefs are the first thing to unlearn in the unlearning journey. The person who is curious enough to learn, unlearn, and relearn the things they might know or not is the one who can win any path they’re on.

We are failing at so many things in our daily lives, we don’t even bother to recognize, but suddenly when someone reaches higher we tend to feel like a failure and we are not ready to accept it. But doing is only going to block your ways to your higher selves. Failure is the only way to put you on your deserving path, accept the process of growth it puts in your way, and be a superhero to the next right thing.

Hence, unlearn the mentality of seeing yourself as zero, rather see it as an opportunity. The more the doors will close, the more you will be clear about your path.

  • Money is everything

Money can help us in some ways, but God is there to help the poor too, so what are we afraid of? Money can get you things, if you’re earning whether enough or more, to believe money is everything is not true, unlearn this. We can think it like happiness is everything. But even if you’re not earning, believe that everything will come to you on time, just keep hustling and trust God’s plan.

When we choose happiness over money, the money will find its way.

I hope this will be helpful for you, share this with your favorite person and earn the reward of helping them, what other beliefs you think of people should unlearn?

Tell us in the comment section, or let’s talk!








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14 thoughts on “Beliefs you need to unlearn now

  1. i absolutely agree. We internalise a lot of unnecessary limiting beliefs. All these are not essential for our growth or happiness. The scriptures speak of throwing off the load in the process of self realisation. One major aspect is this load of beliefs. Very well presented by you. A very good post. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much Sumit, I am glad if it helped you in some way. And hey! I love the way you write, your words are just so pure. I will be so glad to share your poetry in my poetry section,if you wantπŸ˜ƒπŸ™Œ. Text me back.


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