You definitely need to do this to stop Procrastinating

There’s nothing wrong with procrastination. Or is there? I’ll leave it to you to decide, but only if you have the time.

Procrastinating is one of the biggest delays in your path of having success. This is a block that keeps you away from your goal and makes you lay on your bed and made you think if you’re doing whatever you’re doing is right. Should I do this? should I continue this? Thinking all these things rather than putting an effort into it is a big procrastinating act.

Try these strategies to stop procrastination:

1. Imagine how it will feel to do the thing you’ve been postponing.

What it will feel like to do all the things you’re planning to do, but being a procrastinator you are not doing any of it. How satisfied you will be after doing what you’ve planned for.

2. Accept imperfection

Imperfection is the new perfection, embrace it, and do the things in total ‘ yourself’ mode. Nobody is perfect on this earth, even the people who seem perfect are just able to handle their self-esteem to the best, which adds a plus point to their personalities.

3. Find blocks that are putting you off

Find things which are putting you off, if it contains people, talk to them about it. if there is something else try to find a solution to it. One step to ‘stop being lazy’ mode.

4. Write it down in little steps

If it is something that needs time and effort, break it down in small steps. If it didn’t work, break it down even more, so that the work won’t seem overwhelming to you and must be easy to achieve.

For example, If you’re preparing for your exam, you can break it up to small steps:

  • a list of subjects, and the subject which needs more attention to
  • the subject and the chapter you’re weak in
  • the number of hours you’re going to put in.
  • deadline to do it
  • revision
  • etc.

5. Time to get out of the comfort zone

Sometimes we do procrastination because it an easy thing to do. Moreover, it’s is sometimes called being in a comfort zone. But life, it wants us to be out of our comfort zones. After all this time, we can eat, walk, able to do things because we decided at that time to be out of comfort zones, we are already in success mode. Then why we now force ourselves to be lazy!

6. Seek help

If you’ve done everything of the above points, then the other thing you can do is seek help. Find someone who has already achieved those things you’re procrastinating for. If not, then google have every answer. Use everything and every privilege you have, which you can have the advantage to beat the procrastinating habit.


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