How Do Successful People Overcome The Fear Of Failure

We often stop doing what we really care about, what we really dream about, but oftentimes we stop doing it because of the fear. Plato says courage is knowing what not to fear. By stopping and not reaching your goal, we always stay away from our path. We read successful stories of successful people knowing that they must have practiced and dared to take risks, but at the same time, we tell ourselves a false truth by saying they must have had good luck in their path, God was with them, they must be lucky.

If you don’t know this lady, btw how could you of course, but iff, this is the Oprah Winfrey. And I don’t have words for her. I just love her. And if you read just the gives it would be enough for you to understand what successful people do to overcome the fear of failure.

As Suzy Kassem says, “Fear will kill your dreams than failure ever will”. Fear will cause people to not see opportunities just in from of them, and the end up regretting always.

What is it that successful people do to achieve their goal, what is their strategy to reach their goal. How do they overcome the fear, and focus more on achieving rather than failing? Here re four steps to help you to embrace your fear of failure and get what you want.

  • Research deep about yourself, recognize what you want

Researching yourself is an important path in your journey of achieving goals because soon you recognize what you want soon you’ll recognize what it takes. Fear can overpower your ability to see your goal clearly. When are facing fear, we lose our visions and lost in emotions. But you need to reflect whenever fear comes, what is it you want? Is your goal is to get a raise or a promotion?

Do the research if you’re really hungry about success. Talk to yourself, ask questions again and again, what is it that you want to be successful in? Is it about studies, is it about providing to your family, is ist about your health, whatever the gaol it is, you need to reflect what is it that’s stopping you? Why are you so influenced by that loop? Is there anything you can do? Just keep researching yourself, until you find a strong will and determination to about the thing you want to achieve. Don’t let fear cloud your vision.

  • Find pot holes blocking your path

Once you’re clear and have clarity on what you want, You’ll catch yourself dwelling on negative thought. Be aware of that thought. Doing whatever you want may include criticism, it may need you ‘to be yourself’ which most of them can’t able to do it because it as difficult as easy it is said to be. It may include competition, and other things that can be said as your potholes.

Therefore, you need to find all the potholes, so that you can work on them. If can’t able you find, you’ll never jump. Find it and ready to hop just like kangaroos.

  • Never run from your discomfort

Oprah Winfrey says, “Whatever you fear most has no power- it is your fear that has the power.” Don’t let the fear weaken you. Try to find strength in you fear. It is the only to unlock the pattern of your path to success. Your fear is like your superhero, which in spite of all the negativity believes that you’ll accept it, embrace it and will hop when need.

We always have this fear in any field we’re on, what if someone will not agree, what if I fail I will be left with nothing, what if my opinion never matter. But behind everything, by saying these types of questions to yourself you’re giving power to the next person who is ready to criticize and destroy your every thought and hope. So, it is better if we own our power, even when somebody’s criticizing you, gain the power that what you’re is good and will improve and you’ll win someday. But rely on those negative words for so long.

The energy we put in doubting ourselves can be used to overcome our fear and come out confident, conquering the fear is the best lesson we will learn in our lives in any stage of life.

  • Start feeling comfortable with your discomfort

By discomfort it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to hurt yourself or try to give pain, that is not parallel to your goal. Discomfort implies what you fear before getting into your work. Either its small or big, the fear is there always with you to test you. But you don’t need to jump on the next level before getting excellent at the previous level, therefore you can always start small, keep an eye on your accomplishments and then go to the next levels.

Next levels will bring the same kind of fears as of previous but see, you’re now an expert in handling fears. The discomfort becomes your new comfortable. Now the risk is to be comfortable and doing anything for your dream.

For example, if you want to give a speech on bigger platforms, but you doubt that you’re not good enough yet. You can start giving speeches on small platforms, go out and people will reject you. But, here’ the interesting that we should keep in mind is “more we hear ‘no’ more it’ll going to help us to reach the path of ‘yes'”, as Mark Cuban said.

If you’ll ever be able to do what has said, you’ll be never going back. And you’ll feel like this after all the hard work and determination.

What do you keep yourself on the path?

I hope this will be helpful for you, share this with your favorite person who needs to read this now or feeling low nowadays and earn the reward of genuinely helping them. Because together we are stronger.

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