Things to do in Quarantine

First of all, a huge thanks to you if you’re someone who is helping people in these tough times. CLAPS! CLAPS!

Now we all know these are the times in which most of the people are feeling depressed, stressed, anxious or any other thing. But don’t worry bro! We are all in this together. I hope the following tips can make changes in your life.

So, here are all brand new 5 things to do in quarantine by Ashi- tadaaa!

1. Make new habits

Ugh! This time sucks.

So, if you’re more anxious than others, you can always make your life a little easier. I can totally understand how it is to be negative all the time. But we can always make our life like sunshine. You can work on your habits which are no longer aligned with your best side. Toxic relationship – a big no-no! One negative thought- say two positives, eat good, healthy and on proper times, some form of exercise- you can start with 5 min, it can be anything, just write it down and throw it out of your life.

2. Colors

I can’t wait to eat it!

This is the best part. Believe me or not but colors are the one thing that can change your whole mindset. Do it today, NOW! Put all your favorite colors on the wall maybe with some positive stuff on it, you can paint, you can observe nature, you can make something colorful – have you ever made a rainbow cake? Anything that can bring some colors in your life.

3. Read books

Now you will be like Ashi’s gone mad. But you know what, this is the best time to even give some time to some real practical book experience rather than an e-book. Of course, you can read anything in your genre. Read anything, maybe learn a new language, or something you really wanted to explore. I bet at the end of this quarantine you’ll be able to write your new book, WOW! What else we want if we can discover a whole new writer hidden in us. Explore!

4. Fewer electronics

Break the hell out of this phoneeee!

Okay, no!

I know this can be the tough one, peace is something everyone is hungry for. You can use your social media tie, but I suggest to decrease it, maybe from 2 hr you can just spend 10-mins in a day, or maybe no phone or any other electronics one hour before you sleep. Oh! congratulations now you have time for other activities. And yes don’t forget to read my blogs. Hee-haa!

5. Family

So, finally, the precious and the most useful time God has ever given to us is this time. If you’re someone with a tough job or you have to stay away from your family for your job, I can tell this is the best thing that happens to you. We all have no time to improve our relationships with our parents, siblings or pets. Even pets are nowadays ones who are more patient with us. We should be grateful for the love we have and the love we can give to people and things around us. So, yay!! Enjoy your family trip.

Hope this is something that can help you.

I am curious to listen to your happy time techniques.

Share it with us in comment section.

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