How to practice patience in everyday life

How long it’s been you’re craving for success? How long it’s been you’re trying to get your goals? Is it look so frustrating sometimes? And sometimes it looks like it’s not our cup of tea! These types of questions pop up whenever you aren’t able to achieve what we’d planned for. But do this thought-process works? Well, Sometimes! You try to figure out what is it we are lagging at, but most of us while figuring out, give up. But why are you aren’t able to give one more try to it? Is it really not your cup of tea or are you just lazy to put the effort (Well, it’s totally fine if you do that)?

The really big pothole that stops you from getting your goals is to not have PATIENCE. There’s nothing on this earth YOU can’t do, But there’s one thing you lag while doing the work is to keep patience. It is a dirty word. It will keep you busy thinking and thinking whether you should follow your dream or not while at the same time relaxing and motivating you to keep the good work up.

But the question arises here, how to practice patience in everyday life? And how to do it when it becomes too difficult to even think about!

Here are some techniques to follow, to wear patience as your tracksuit:


People including us know what they want to do, what they’re good at, but spend all the time on thinking what they’ll gonna do if they fail, how to do, what will happen, and after so much thinking we reach to the point where we have no more interest in that activity. You almost crush the idea of pursuing it and thinking about everything else which doesn’t matter at this time as a beginner.

Though you can always save your idea and energy from ruining if you start smaller. Thinking big is good, but you always have to start small to know if thinking for this is right or not, should I try something else or not. Therefore, stop thinking about what results will bring to you and crushing time, if you’re not going to put your smaller contribution to the world of ideas and just thinking all over again and again the goods and bads for it, you are doing crime to the world of results by thinking irrelevant results.


To do a thing, it’s our mind who does it first. Before any action, our mind shows a signal to take action. You instantly take action when you are hungry when you need to sleep, but it takes too long for us to act on some actually productive work. Why?

Because often time we think of ourselves as UNWORTHY. When you think you’ll gonna be the next prime minister or let’s take it small, the next Google CEO, next number one magician, bestseller author, whatever you think of yourself your mind will make fun of you. Right? You’ll say, “okay! I can do that”, your mind will say, “oh! c’mon, you’re not enough”. You let your mind rules you. And from there you are already on the edge of losing your game.

But every person is unique on this earth. YOU’RE UNIQUE, even in a boring way or cool way. Whatever personality you think of yourselves you’re unique. Some so many people are being criticized for being silent but turn out that they are really good listeners, people who have tattoos turn out to be most humble people on earth, people who’re being criticized for being fat, small, tall, are the best people with humor, people with disabilities reaching heights, who knows if you’re gonna put a positive impact on some people through your unique personality. Just embrace it.


Learn to embody these words “NOT YET”. The next unfair thing we do with our dreams and goals is to give up. PLEASE, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP. If the work keeps you happy but you’re not getting attention, believe it, the Happiness matters, even when there’s nobody for you.

You’re your only motivation in this word, others can only advise, but you’re the one who rules your mind and interests. So, just don’t give it up just because of no results or fewer results, who know if the next day is your result day. Keep the hope and vision alive and embody these words to your deeper sense. Be comfortable with it yet excited for the next day and results.


While practicing patience, you’ve to keep your analytics of growth ON. While you rest, make sure you’re growing in the way that is helpful and needed in your work. Whatever it is, patience without the growth will never lead you to success. There’s no point to have patience and just sit and watch what will happen, but patience while keeping up your chin up and make improvements days by day. Learn new things, watch your performance, find out our loopholes, whatever it takes you to improve your favorite work is worthy of patience and growth.

Sometimes we read motivational posts and we feel excited about everything, and we started to feel why it isn’t happening to us, while the rest of the world is running so fast. But what we never noticed is that those posts lack the idea of patience, everybody around is just motivating us, but never told what it takes. So, don’t let those posts destroy your uniqueness and idea of doing what you love. Just keep the head up, have the courage to have patience, and blow your work with excellence.


Believe that if they can do it, you can too. If there’s time is now, maybe yours will be tomorrow. Because remember the moon and sun both have their unique abilities to shine. And if times weren’t different people would never have waited for the moon.

If we bind up the whole process of practicing patience, it leads us to time. Things take time to happen, and above all, we have to make that available in our future by constantly focusing on what we want, when we want, and what positive results we want. Patience looks like a death when we are not on the right path, but when your works keep you happy and you are ready to take patience strategy for that, that’s where you start giving birth to ‘YOUR’ time of success in your space. And definitely the force, the drive to accomplish things will work for you and along with you. Your time will come soon.

I hope this will be helpful for you, share this with your favorite person who needs to learn to practice this now or feeling low nowadays and earn the reward of genuinely helping them. Because together we are stronger.

Tell in the comment section, or let’s talk!








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