Anecdote of a Father

This picture was taken when I was on the way home. I walking on Chandigarh streets and there I saw some construction was going, and there were these two people. The first thought by seeing them was ‘they must be father and son’. Seems son is trying to introduce ‘social media’ to his father. So the father seems to be in some stall business and son seems to have fun. And then I realized how we sometimes forgot to celebrate father as well. My life is much easier and full of facilities if I would compare. Still, I am on my own level of attitude, ‘Papa, I want this, I want that’ and never thought how he manages to complete all our wishes. It always Seems like we are Richie rich(more than rich).

Some lines:

Dad! We all call this word so fearlessly.

The figure, in whose presence the whole world is yours.

The figure, in whose presence every toy is yours.

The creature who don’t forget to live his last breath for you.

The man whose anger tastes much better than pizzas. 😂(just, kehne ki Baat he, practical Nhi hona).

The man who is the idol of his daughter. The man who is like a friend of his son.

Pray for your parent’s goodwill, because no one stands in your bad times.

So let’s make them happy in real, instead of wishing them socially.

Because those innocents don’t even know that their children are actually happy on their day.

Not every parent is as advanced as you, boys and girls!!

They only understand your emotions, that only can be understood by your real presence.

Make them happy, make them surprised. Make them sure that ‘YOU’ are actually happy.

Especially ‘the father’, because somewhere in our ‘busy’ lives we forget to enjoy his day as well.

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