RIP Legends

It’s the 30th of April, where in the world you’re today? We are almost dealing with the time in adversity and praying for each and every day to be well for everyone. And in all this we have four bad news:

  1. It is just April 2020 and is only 33.3% of the year.
  2. In this whole time, we already learned to have the courage to live the minimal life, and the news came “Irfaan khan died at 57”
  3. The next day another news came ” Rishi Kapoor died at 67″.

What is even happening! We lost two Iconic actors of Bollywood industry, may their soul Rest in peace, but the news was so heartbroken and shocking. Shattering one of my dreams to meet Mr.Irfaan khan. May God give the people who stayed with them till last breath, the courage to pass this.

It stuck in my head for hours that I will now never be able to meet him, sometimes some things are not in our control. This is the thing we might have learned so many times, but this time it just rooted. Everything is just right now, we are unaware of the next second, but still, we live with the hope of getting to the next day.

The only right thing after so much sad news is to be just in the moment. Expect nothing, just do your thing, time to put the efforts for what you’re planning for long is now. It’s hard and difficult to do things with this mindset. But this is the truth…

RIP legends, you’ll always be in our hearts.

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