Anecdote of an Icecream

We meet new people daily and we came to know a lot of anecdotes through the journey, This journey leads me to another inspiring anecdote of a boy and an icecream vendor. (BY THE AUTHOR OF UNCHARGED ION)

Here it goes,

“Most of us live by a set of principles. It is natural, rather, proper to do so because the mind is like a great Asian elephant. Powerful and elegant, but if not kept in check, it holds the potential to wreck havoc to itself, and to whatever and whoever lies in its wake.

I used to live by the words “Ignorance is bliss.” It gave me a rather black and white insight into all that I chose to let in my life. Ignorance is bliss. Is it though? I mean, if your story stems from detachment, trust has been your nemesis and peace of mind tops your “All I want” playlist, it sure is a way of life; but if you don’t mind being open to this cold, yet the colorful world, you have to take a slightly different path. I have a new theory; hear me out.

For now, I believe in being selectively open. Speaking in biological terms. The human body has 5 senses. To make the best of ourselves, we perceive through them and emit through our actions. I trust vibes. If I get “good vibes” from a person/venture, I further it, if not, I don’t give my head a tough time and let it be cool till I really need it. That way I get to filter my experiences.

Speaking of experiences, what did you do on your last birthday? Drank a room full of liquor in the name of having fun for a night to remember? Stayed at home, making yourself comfortable with your significant other, and Netflix-ed your way through the night? Spent it with your family? Had an adventure? I had a rather unusual one.

After the day was over, with the going to a local restaurant so brightly lit up that it made me want to be Sandra Bullock in BirdBox and slicing the cake in uneven pieces, I went on a little drive around the city. Wide roads, flickering street lights, and not a soul around, just the way I liked it then. I plugged in the AUX and hit play on the playlist which screamed internally, just like me. “For one of those days” the idea of which, I stole from a friend.

It was around 2:40 when I saw an ice cream vendor standing there looking at the tree in front of him, deep in thought. I bought two ice creams and offered him one. He laughed and said “bhaiya main sugar-free khata hu, sugar hai Mujhe” – “brother I have sugar-free ice creams, I’m diabetic.” I was surprised and laughed a little at that. He asked me why I wanted to get robbed so badly. After realizing what he meant, I snickered and told him it was my birthday and I just wanted to get some air, so I was roaming around at this unholy hour. He asked me what I was doing there, spending my night talking to his miserable self. I told him I was there to rob him, made a finger gun, and ‘pew-pew’ gesture with my hand, at which we both laughed like crazy.

I talked to him for 2 hours and after learning that he was from Assam, his sister had once actually robbed a Sweet potato vendor as a teenager, he really liked to get funky hairstyles, was a Shiv devotee and that his mother video called him 2 times a day, I realized that the sun was starting to come up. I’d had 5 ice creams in 3 hours. My insides creepily smiled at me. I thanked him for the conversation, asked him when his birthday was and watched his eyes almost close as he smiled, told me and shook my hand. I headed home to silently creep in without letting anyone at my place know I was a potential robbery victim a few hours ago.

Of all my birthdays, I will never forget this one.

We walk around with our eyes open and yet, fail to see. Ignorance is not bliss for me anymore.”

Sometimes little efforts of making someone or even yourself happy is a big thing. And a conversation like this is so rare, and for evidence, in the time of adversity, kindness wins.

If you have a story similar to this, share it with us because together we are stronger and together we can change the world. Share it with us in the comment section. or email.



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    1. the flavours were: mango, choco bar, fudge and plain orange
      and he was there because he decided not to go home that night and so did i haha

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