Anecdote of a Girl


Rabb tu he Kahan,
Rehmat thodi kar yaha.
Sapne pure krde na,
Bs itna hi to manga na.
Ghr mein thodi problem hai,
Pani thoda, sikka khota
Baki sab to control me hai.
Rabb tu he kahan,
Rehmat thodi kar yaha.
Sapne pure krde na,
Bs itna hi to manga na.
Baap ko btau kese,beti apki honhaar.
Drta he sansaar se,
Kahin dab na jaye honsla.
Maa ko btau kese,
Hoga sb theek jld yaha.
Kese bhi krke
dungi tujhko Ghar naya.
Sala paisa hai,
Ya nasha?
Bina iske sb nakaam.
Bina paise k Khushi hai,
Kehta hai sirf dhndha haraam.
Rabb tu he Kahan,
Rehmat thodi kar yaha.
Sapne pure krde na,
Bs itna hi to manga na.

Anecdote of that day when I met this girl outside the shop, while everybody around him pushing her towards me to beg. She was resisting, but then she came and just asked for the chocolate I had. That act makes me feel that she is virtuous. Sometimes the body won’t agree on things the soul doesn’t want. And that’s what makes us a better human when we try to improve our inner nature to coexist with outer nature.
By the way, isn’t she look like RIHANNA! ( No pun intended ).
What do you think of it?
Did you ever meet people like her?
Share the story with us in the comment section.
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10 thoughts on “Anecdote of a Girl

  1. She is cute and you have nice heart β™₯
    We should always give without thought of a word !
    I know this location well .. haha πŸ˜„

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    1. Yeah, it’s your perspective of observing people as cute and good at heart, that means you’re the same.πŸ™‚ We need more people with the perspective like you.

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  2. I have, infact, met people like her. Someone who asked me to buy him an ice cream. It was my birthday and i was out for a drive late at night. I got 4 ice creams and we sat at the pedestrian walking and talked about how bad all 4 ice creams were XD

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    1. You can email me the whole story of you and him, if you like, I would like to post this, we need more people like you in this world. #togetherwearestronger


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