It is good for health

And Never should others. But, if life was so easy, what fun would it be?
We should feel free to ‘cry’.
Aansu hi to hein.
Fun fact: Crying is actually good for health.
It flushes unhealthy bacteria out and relieves stress…
This makes sense to cry for days, months, maybe every day😂.
And dare not try to bring the gender inequality in it, a person might withhold the emotions and would’ve died of a heart attack. So, relax, let it be… BAHAA LO ANSUU YAAR! Cry it out! Apna nhi to eyes ka hi bhala hojaega😉.

And I read it somewhere, people who cry are the strongest. We got one life, withholding your emotions that are silently hurting you can be non-profitable to your body and health. We can’t afford anything that is not good for our bodies. After all, in the end, there is you and you only for you.

But, the thing here to understand is we should never be ashamed of our tears, so just let them out, relax and start again.

What’s your story of holding oceans in your eyes?

Share it with us in the comment section.


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