Types of people in college cafeterias


The semester ends, The only thing we miss about college is the fun moments. Oh! Actually, the moments spent in the cafeteria. And when college ends, the only thing we remember is the most precious days spent with friends and the varieties meet in the cafeteria. But how can we call college days ‘the college days’

If we were there only for studies. Well, there can be no stories made until colleges don’t have cafeterias.


They don’t know anything happening around them. Their whole life stands in playing this game BHABHI. Each player (JUARI) focuses on winning the game. Actually, we got to take lessons from them that how to gracefully and challengingly throw a card.


Well, these people are the only ones who the cafeteria uncle waits for. Ordering tea daily at the same time ‘Bhaiya chaar cup chai lana, paise agli bari mein add krlo’ or in Punjabi, it’s more like ‘ Bai! Ah chaar cup chaa leya te pehe add krli’. Slurping tea and cracking jokes seems to be their part-time job. Let’s give them the name ‘cafeteria k heerey’.


Are you single? Then every couple around you can be your inspiration, and you must be singing ‘we shall overcome someday, ho ho pura he vishvas…’. Oh! Let’s come to the point, these are the people who may not able to get a cozy environment but they make everyone cozy around them. Representing their couple goals to everyone sitting around there. And yes ‘ mele babu ne thana thaya’, tell?


Got it, right? Yes, they exist even outside Delhi. Their daily routine is to come to the cafeteria, waits so hard so to get a free table, reads a menu card, and finally, orders a plate of momos. Oh! But of-course these momos didn’t match their high standards of the plate of momos, so they get out. Phew! Such decision making, one should learn from them.


Girls-They catwalk towards the cafeteria. It seems, for them they are the supermodel and the eyes of students sitting there is a paparazzi. Walking flawless towards the counter, dreams shatters while ordering Maggi.

Boys- They walk like ‘azeem-o-shan shehenshah slaamat rahe’, reaches to the cafeteria, ordering mints with one hand in pocket, trying to be taller. No one in their competition right now, ‘ Issa fashun influenca, baby!’.


The people who know every gossip about everyone, let’s call them ‘Chalte firte newspaper ( walking newspapers)’. Nobody can be escaped from their eagle eyes, but cheers to them, they make the college time a little easy to bear.


These are the people who don’t believe in eating one thing, that too in the cafeteria. They treat their tummy like a 4-yr old stubborn kid, who mugged up for a toy. They usually caught asking ‘Ole ole Mera pyara tummy momos khaega!’ to their stomach. Every time they order food, they can never be finished with one food item. They start with combos and then another combo and then ends with the last buffet.


They spend most of their tea breaks with the other teachers from the same department roasting students and debating on the topic, ‘ why students stopped wishing ‘good morning’ to us’, which is sometimes sad but also funny.

Have you ever met any ‘type’ tell me in the comment section?

Image source: http://funnypictures.me/forever-alone-in-cafeteria/

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