Hello readers! I hope you’re doing good. Today I am going to share one of the biggest lessons I learned, I want you to keep reading, it might give you some hope.

While I was going through some good positive stuff at this time of the pandemic, I saw one post where with street animals. You might be familiar with street animals of you belong to India.

While we are in good health and safe in our homes, grateful for everything, street animals were the ones who are actually facing troubles.

If we dig deep inside the condition of street animals, some used to sit outside the hotels, chicken shops, dependent on people living on the street. There are dogs, cats, cows who now are facing trouble getting food and other eating material and unable to provide their family.

Days ago I saw one female dog, with her puppy, they both were crying, it seems like they’re dying of something. I tried to relax them by giving some food, the reaction I got was heartbreaking. They both were hungry, very hungry. The pup and dog were eating it like they have seen the food for the first time. Cats are now even more helpless, cows are wandering in search of food.

So, I request everyone reading this, share some of your food with any animal you see is in trouble, they can’t give you anything in return, but they have the power to bless you. They can give you blessings, they’ll we be thankful even grateful for your action. It’s just an act of humanity and kindness. If we are able to get food every day then there’s something who cares for us, and therefore we at least can share that with animals.

If you think, this is right. Do it today. Share it with your friends and family. Do a favor to them.


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