Are you a feminist or just love the idea of calling yourself feminists while behaving like a misandrist.

What is feminism?

Feminism is what we call equality of sexes. Now, what does equality mean, it is the freedom to do anything and everything irrespective of the genders.
But why men need #mentoo when #metoo movement is going wide. The thing is some people still not accepting the fact that the world(or let’s make it even shorter-India) still needs to be empowered a lot. Not just female but males or any type of gender this world consists of.
If we see it widely, we know there are still some parts of India that need to be empowered, especially women.
In this male dominating world, there’s a problem related to the gender say it either work, dressing sense, strength, or in whole, being feminine. We can see it all in restrictions or non-accepting things like men crying, men cooking, men having feminine qualities or women lifting, women driving, women having masculine qualities. So it all ends with gender i.e. you can’t be like girls or girls should not do this.
Although people in cities are now understanding and accepting the facts or gender stereotypes where people in villages are still stuck between superstitions and gender stereotypes. So here’s nothing we can say in against about men, it is all about trying to gain the perspective and sense in this matter. There’s nothing like women hating men, only if you call yourself a feminist(can be anyone male or female). Actually, we don’t have anything negative to say about men, because it is all about the upbringing and thinking. Even women in our own houses doubting their own girls. It will be impossible to end this until women for women starts existing. We need to clear these things to our future generation, and it will be easier to clear things out if both men and women are educated.
Whereas men hiding behind #mentoo or who don’t believe in feminism represents the fear of losing the tag ‘male-dominant world’ to ‘female dominant’.
But you need to learn this, when dad says to her daughter ‘you can do it’ brings little more confidence than moms(contextual), implies- females can be empowered first – if men stand equal with them and accept their natural feminine qualities (#menforwomen) and then women itself.

P.S. – If you’ve heard the word ‘misandrist’ for the first time, then congratulations on learning one more word. It means ‘mis’ mean to hate and andro is for male, therefore to hate men.

What is feminism in your words? Tell me what do you think about it.

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