How to be more efficient with time

” Work smarter first, then harder”.

We all want time to do things that we love efficiently instead of spending our precious time on things we don’t like. Efficiency is what is difficult to attain in the times of adversity. It can be your hectic job, less time for family, and many more. But what is life, if it doesn’t have challenges. Here we will not be talking about any fairytale story or just 5-min motivation, but some long term hacks which can make your life more efficient. Here are the ways to keep me efficient with time:


Priorities. Period.
I totally understand if you don’t have time to make priorities, but we all got one life. And what is life without happiness? This is your life and you can always have time to figure out what is important to you, is it your kids, your income just list it out, write it down everything you want in your life. And then put numbers in front of it, what is it you want first. I understand that we first try to accomplish things that are easy to complete, but remember first comes first. Believe me, when you try to figure out your priorities, life becomes so easy.


Yes, yes, yes!

To achieve anything in our lives, the first and forever thing is to keep ourselves to our best selves. I remember when I was not able to do things just because of the mindset that I can’t. But after I took control of my thoughts, tasks become easy to accomplish. What I mean to say is you have to keep motivating yourself, no matter what, because the brain responds to what we feed it. It is a very powerful weapon we can use to even keep ourselves young at the age of 80. So, no matter what, feed the brain with positive talks.



Now, this is something we can’t just take breaks from it. But, at a time trying to do one thing with your full effort and in a specific time. You can make short goals to achieve bigger goals, its a total win/win. Multitasking is something we are very proud of, handling several things at a time, but it seems we often lose other things to complete multiple things at a time. Therefore, the only way to complete every task is to take a deep breath, believe in yourself and do one thing at a time. This is one of the best ways to keep yourself efficient.


Oh yes!

The other way is to plan your activities day-to-day one day before, weeks before even months before. It is useful in every aspect of life, from your bed routines to your business meetings. Be a manager of your life and later after all the achievements you can become CEO. Yay!!

β€œCommitment is the foundation of great accomplishments.” Heidi Reeder

By commitment, it means not just to write it somewhere rather to act on it. Commit to yourself that today I will do these things, I will eat this, I will walk my dog, I will do exercise, etc. Just start from short term goals, a way to long term goals. There are only two things: commitment vs fear. You’re the only one to decide.


Communication is the key to every success. If you’re feeling confused, tired, not ready just talk to someone you trust. Talk about what you want and what you’re feeling and why is this feeling. Release what you feel and then commit to the work with some pep talk. Just keep yourself empty of all the emotions while working on things. Communicate with yourself, dig deep and search for exactly what you want and just do the thing with 100% effort.
Hope this is something that can help you.

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