Best food to eat in Patiala(The royal city)

Patiala is the city in India located in Punjab. Oh! you can find it on maps later😊

Let’s just start with some good FOOOODDDD!

Punjab is a state full of life and colors, so is Patiala. It is famous for its traditional Patiala Shahi turban, the Paranda, the Patiala salwar, the Punjabi Jutti and above all Patiala Peg and how about the food, of course, it needs no introduction.

Patiala is famous for its rich cuisine and meat products and is full of small restaurants and Dhaba(s). If someone wanted to try traditional food of the Patiala, then it has to be the pride of Punjabi cuisine i.e. Makki-ki-roti and Sarson-ka-Saag, with a glass of Lassi. Here are some best places to eat in Patiala:

1.Jaggi Sweets & Restaurant


Jaggi Sweets & Restaurants are manufacturers, retailers, and exporters of sweets, Namkeens or anything you named since 1949. There creative work on Sweets and various types of Badams and Kajus will surely make you buy it. Paan-Petha is a unique thing to eat there. They offer the cleanest and best quality products produced with modern technology to suit the taste and also has a restaurant offering delicious food.

  1. Yummy Waterballs of Sahni’s


Sahni bakery is the oldest and the best bakery in the town. It has three stores in Patiala. One of them is in the Tripuri market famous for its best Golgappas. It is one of its own kind, called by different names such as Pakodi, Puchka, Golgappe, water balls. Different names but its taste has some mesmerizing effect.

3.The Tandoori Chicken

Sanjeev Kapoor rocks!

yellow chili

Yes, a restaurant Yellow Chilli located in the lower mall road, near N.I.S  from Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor’s Org. has a Very wide variety of food and you can try dishes that are not usual. Excellent food, especially the tandoori chicken full of butter, a must-try dish.

4.Madrasi Dosa, Sheran Wala Gate

dosa.jpgWhat did chutney say to dosa? You BATTER be good-looking.

Yes, that’s exactly what Dosa is. The only south Indian Dhaba in Patiala at the Sheran-Wala gate, famous for its variety of Dosas. What enterprising cook was it who crafted it? If every time the full moon reminds you of the dosa in the making, whos “dark-side” steadily turned golden brown, then my dear you are a big dosa fan. Go and get it fast.

  1. Amritsari Kulcha Haveli, AC market

amritsari kulcha.jpgThe legendary dish which should not be confused with stuffed paranthas and naan. Whosoever visits the city never goes back without tasting mouthwatering kulchas. If you are looking for the best place to eat then you must go to the AC market backside, the only shop in the corner serving the best kulchas in town. They serve you hot and crispy kulchas with great stuffing. You will love the curry and their special chutney and salad. The taste of their buttery kulchas is simply unforgettable.

  1. Manu Lassi Wala, Tripuri Market

mannu lasssi.jpgThe popular and the best tasteful lassi in the city. Manu Lassi Wala serves buttermilk(lassi) of your preferences in its traditional form. The shop is located in the Tripuri main market, Guru Nanak Nagar, Patiala.  They served tastes like Khoya Badam Lassi, Pineapple Lassi, Pista Lassi and many more.

  1. The mouth-melting Jalebis, Sher-e-Punjab market


What goes round and round and is dipped in pure sweet decadence – “JALEBIS”.

The best ever Jalebis in the city, Narinder Bikaner Sweets, Sher-e-Punjab market, made of pure Desi Ghee. It is amazing to know that Jalebi is used as a cure for headaches and cold when taken along with warm milk.

  1. Enquiry de Samosa, Punjabi University.

uni.jpgSamosa is one of those snacks that everyone has loved to eat and it is a must that no one misses the chance to eat the samosa at the inquiry at Punjabi University. “Chal yaar bunk maar” is a common phrase in every class. But what after the bunk, of course, inquiry de Samosa. The topper, the backbencher, the failure all found their place here. The shop is been there for 14 years. Occasionally letting go of pizzas to save few pennies, while sometimes treating your friends with samosas across the crowded table is the best.

So, this is all about the flavors of Patiala. Bring out the foodie in you and let these delicious, mouth-watering dishes interact with your soul. Happy eating!


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