I’m possible.

It’s all in your head.
There are times when I am too hard on myself, not letting myself to be vulnerable and sometime stop myself taking risks. We all have faced or going to face this at some point of our lives. There will be times when you will be tired of trying to do something you’ve been thinking about and of the results which were always opposite to what you’d expected. We tend to become like I mentioned above. But, there comes a point when our inner voice appreciates us to do it again but we tend to ignore that just because we don’t want to be in that tiring situation again. .But you know what?, It’s all in your head.
You know you can do it, it just fear of failure or unexpected things to happen or maybe the comfort zone. We know ourselves best than anyone else, we know our weaknesses and we know at we are good at. We just need try once again. ~May be little extra effort can make you impossible.~

4 thoughts on “I’m possible.

  1. I tend to hold myself to an impossible standard of perfectionism. There is a difference between self-reflection when you say, “I think I might able to do that better verses condemnation when you say, “I can never get this right, I’m such a failure. Spiritual growth is defined as improving through what the Word of God says through conviction from the Holy Spirit and personal growth is defined through honest reflection and realistic goal setting and understanding that failure is apart of the journey.

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