Nothing beats the original

This picture was taken when I was on the way home. I was walking on Chandigarh streets and there I saw some construction was going, and there were these two people. The first thought came to me by seeing them was ‘they must be father and son’. Seems son is trying to introduce ‘social media’ to his father. So the father seems to be in some stall business and son seems to have a fun. And then I realized how we sometimes forgot to celebrate fathers as well. My life is much easier and full of facilities if I would compare. Still, I am on my own level of attitude, ‘Papa, I want this, I want that’ and never thought how he manages to complete all our wishes. It always Seems like we are Richie rich(more than rich). But nothing beats the original ( baap to baap hota he), we may somehow think we are the kings in this social media world, but father seems to be the lord of this world. we can’t underestimate the power of him being father. So it is our responsibility to treat him with respect. Well, how’s your relationship with your dad, tell me in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Nothing beats the original

  1. My father had not done any study in his life and he can’t able to read news paper as well.
    He is doing diamond work from last around 30 – 35 year for our family.

    I can’t describe my feelings for him.
    It’s infinite.

    I have 1 brother and 1 sister,
    We all are educated,
    My sister done Master of arts
    My elder brother done BE (Electronic Engineer)
    Me done BE (Information Technology)

    We all educated and well settled now.

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