People around this world is just a lie, everything is temporary, everything is a lie.

And in this liar world, we never get the one who listens to us what we haven’t said.

This cruel world is busy making you a “lie”.

We are surrounded by the crowd, some are quiet and some loud.

Some failed and some proud.

We have a lot to say, but we never say.


we want to be heard, the way we think, not just words, but actions we did.

But the crowd let us flow according to them.

We want to be listened, exactly what we said, not to pretend but actually to say.

But the crowd pretend as if we are insane.

We want to be accepted without judgment, not by clothes, not by looks, not even with a flaw.

This crowd just listen to those pretty faces.

But Let the crowd mind their own businesses, this attitude makes us “bheed se alag”.

Just do whatever your heart says (apne man ki kro !!)

Because everything is a lie, and it should not affect you in anyhow.

Just do what you actually want to do.

Let your actions make you “bheed se alag”.

Let the crowd follow your rules.




3 thoughts on “DIVERGENT

    1. This is perfect. You presented it very well. Some common lines and some rhymes, It all sets good. You can see what we can’t. Thank you for making us peep upon this very side of world.

      Liked by 1 person

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