Kyu Darein Zindagi Mein Kya Hoga,
Kuch Na Hoga toh Tazurba Hoga.
-Javed Akhtar

We all are travelogues. We all are storytellers. We invent new stories daily on every step, on every way. Implies, life goes on…
Whether you chose to walk or sit back, you should not be afraid of your decisions. I learned this when I missed the shot of pigeons sitting on the roof of Patrika gate(Jaipur), and suddenly they flew, just flew.
Okay, let’s get back to the origin of the lesson.
I was standing near the stairs holding my phone, waiting for them to fly, and then the thought and their flight and the pigeons, everything happens and I missed it. I decided to click something else. Bad choice. Like they didn’t wait for the shot, and I never knew when they will fly. Similarly, the time won’t wait for you and you don’t have to be in deciding mode all the time as I did. Decisions should be clear, whether right or wrong. Otherwise, you will miss the shot of your right path, as I did.
Well, let’s not get too serious😂 and that adorable scene I can’t forget. It was so beautiful. This picture is just a part of a Gate. It seems pink(at nights) because they have to continue their Jaipuri slogan(pink city) but the kalaakari(art) inside it is worth watching. And the bad choice, at last, gave me a good story.

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