(splendor of beauty)
At that time, the sun was dim and clouds were making the scene with those golden rays. Just on a wink, I saw this peacock,  nuur-e-Husn, busy in searching something. I was moving towards him trying to see him closely and he suddenly stretched his neck watching me coming to him, every time he moves, new colors around, shades that I have never seen, just so beautiful, of course. He must be thinking “who the hell are you!” And then he got stock-still as if he knows “oh gosh! This girl! One more shot? Okay, what do you think of my long neck!” and this moment I clicked it. Finally.
Oh! While writing this I suddenly remembered some lines by respected Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:
Kiwe mukhre ton nazra hatawa ,
ke tere wicho Rabb disda.
jee krda mein tenu vekhi Jawa ,
ke tere wicho Rabb disda.
(How can I make eyes off your face
I see God in you.
The heart feels that I should keep on watching you,
I see God in you.)

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