The losers and the winners

I Never met a winner that wasn’t a sore loser.

There is only two type of people on this earth, the losers, and the losers.

Every winner was a loser, every winner is weak at first.

There is nothing different between them and us.

To become a winner you have to fight with your fear until you got happiness with tears.


I make wish daily and go to bed, oh God please lead me right ahead.

Struggling with yourself is the hardest act I met.

Oh! dear me. Please don’t get back, please don’t regret.

Failure brings fire, but patience keeps it cold.

But what about the intensity that enjoys dancing on my head.
Sometimes it feels like,

Arsh! (yes, that’s me)

Just stop it. You can never be ahead.
And I slept, with a dream, in which I am getting success.

Again I am back with the war between me and myself.

Again I hope. God, please make the Future dope.

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