Do you really communicate?

“Communication- the human connection.”

Do you communicate, really? Answer it very carefully.

Yes…or maybe not. Actually, we all are lying and it’s bad.


Which means to hear what is not being said. To talk in every situation, uncomfortable or uneasy.

To share your stories, emotions and time. To listen. A connection.

But we don’t and we pretend like we are communicating. We make it fake.

To read each other’s face, to inspect the actions, same as we do with animals and birds, isn’t it?

The best thing, to heal, to make you refreshed and out of distress.

But no. We make it fake. We made the word “communicate” meaningless.

No more communications left, no more shadows left, no evenings, no terraces. I just hate it.

Stop it please, if you can. Just communicate, talk, either with your friends, family or lovers. Don’t be feelingless, share your emotions, emanate it.

Not on phone but in reality.  You will definitely love that more. That time. THE PRECIOUS THING, will never be considered as waste.

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