The trend.

As the new years go and goes, new trends are trying to change us.

It’s not a matter of choices, its a matter of an impact on people.

An impact, that only coming through social media only.

When there were no phones how happy we were then, no one doubts their physiques.

But here what trend gave birth to…

Girls and boys force their bodies to like what are they not.

They sometimes force their loved ones to look like some other girl with thick thighs and big chests(But no fat at the belly. Oh, great! and yes, fluffy lips too) or a boy with muscles and abs(but not a slim boy).

Force their loved ones to look fake.Features that are not given by your mother.

You not need to change anything for your loved one because lovers accept the real you, if they force you, leave them.

Comparing yourself with those high-class people and their highlighted pics will never make you happy, ignore them.

Just don’t change your body or whatever for the sake of attraction unless it’s your choice. Remember, if you accept your natural looks and walks, you attract more.

Just accept your body you receive from your mother. Respect it

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