The diary.



If I ever said, you’re my best friend, I lied.

If I ever said you’re the only one to whom I share everything, I am telling you, don’t trust.

Because I already have a best friend resting at the book shell.

whenever we got time, we just talk, talk and talk. well..!

or either way, I am the one non-stopper.

She knows everything, the hero, and the flopper

If you are a silent talker, you can relate,

how to be a silent actor.

Talking to her about telling everything without getting answers.

This gets interesting over time, how lucky the pages are, who listens to all in the world, without racism, without making choices.

They protect your thoughts from the outer world, eating secrets, destroying unwanted noises.

If I say, there is no best friend better than a diary, believe me, just try.

Instead of sharing with your so-called “best friends”, it’s better to hide it from them, they make it dry.

I thought once that I am wrong, lets try to talk,

but see, I am back to my original silent talk.



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