I tried I tried I tried…

I tried my best, not to be imperfect, but the perfect you want.

not to be the same, but the ‘different’ you want.

I tried to be that alluring as that of your other favorites.

I tried…

But, well! you will find the better one.

I tried to be your happiness, I tried to be your sadness, I tried to be the tough mess for you.

I tried to be your back, I tried to be your everything I can be for you.

I cried…

I cried for not being accepted as crazy I am, as weird I am, the dumb I am with you.

I endure you as the way you are, I never complained,

but you never understand.

Well! still, I can pray for you.

You should get the better one.

It seems to be at home when I am with you.

I learned something new every day with you.

All I know I need you, my soul needs food and your’s the best to feed.

Now, it’s just all fade away…

and definitely,

you will find the better one.

Now don’t pretend as if you cared, there’s nothing left to be shared.

Don’t pretend as if I were valued, don’t dare.

Don’t dare to be that damn fake, you shamed?

I swear I will not put that effort again because you taught me how easily feelings can be terminate.

I am sorry for not being the same.

Thanks for the lesson, how to authorize, now I can become the best adviser in the trade.

You always used to say, “I will find the better one.”

And I want to ask “so, do you got your better one?”






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